MGT2_Task1 WGU

MGT2_Task1 WGU

GenRays Matrix Template

Project Management Knowledge Areas

Recommended Tool(s)

Justification for Tool

Project Integration Management

Expert Judgment
Facilitation Technique
 These tools will help to produce the project management plan. Expert judgment allows to use lessons learned from the finance project to increase project performance and effectively prioritize work on the project. Facilitation technique eases the process of allocating the $103,000 to spend on the project.

Project Scope Management

Expert Judgement
 These tools will help to produce the scope and requirements management plan. Expert judgment contributes to developing and update project documents throughout the project. The goal is a new HRIS with payroll functions. Through the use of the second tool interviewing; the goal can be specified to specifics gained from various company employees, such as Rory Genhardt, CEO.

Project Time Management

Rolling Wave Planning
 These tools will help to produce the schedule management plan that will include a milestone list, activity attributes, and lists. Decomposition can help by dividing the HRIS into smaller parts. For example, the payroll capabilities requested by the VP Finance and recruiting capabilities sought by the CEO. Rolling wave planning will allow for the team to better manage to work around different resource availability

Project Cost Management

Expert Judgement
Analytical techniques
 These tools will help to determine which resources are to be used for the project. The director of human resources, Ashley Burrici, was nice enough to provide us with a list of resources and costs. Using this information we can use expert judgment to properly manage costs. Analytical techniques such as return on investment help to show GenRays the effectiveness of the project.

Project Quality Management

7 Basic Quality Tools
 These tools will help to produce the quality...

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