Mgt330 Management Planning Paper

Mgt330 Management Planning Paper

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Management Planning Paper
October 25, 2010
John Adamchik

Management Planning Paper
This paper will discuss the managerial planning function of the Boeing Corporation. Boeing has a unique structure that consists of two types of businesses run in unison. These two businesses consist of Commercial Airlines and Defense, Space, and Security.
Boeing employs more than 150,000 people across 71 countries and management planning can be a huge undertaking. It starts with and ends with Business Development and Strategy (Article Data Base

The Planning Function
Boeings biggest concern, of course, is the stakeholders. In Boeings case the stakeholders consist of customers, employees, shareholders, and communities. The management planning model used by Boeing to guide the companies planning and focus is easy and effective for planning, acting, analyzing, and reinforcing methods that produce results. The company can accomplish this by Boeings willingness to allow growth and leadership from within the company. By allowing employees to share in the success and failure of the company, Boeing receives committed, performance-driven management at all levels. This is achieved primarily by the following model. First define financial objectives while producing high quality innovative products, and minimizing the impact to communities and the environment. Second use the Initiative Toolkit – Customer Satisfaction and Growth in productivity are always in a state of balance and realignment, e.g. growth in customer satisfaction and growth in productivity, advancing processes and technology while remaining competitive. Third is the stage where the company measures how profits are affected in by moves made in step two. Fourth, is the stage where the results are delivered to the stake-holders. Finally, the entire plan is evaluated to measure...

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