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When it comes to decision making, one must first take all aspects into consideration, including all pros and cons. Some decisions are easily made by already knowing only good can come out of the situation and some take more thought to come to a decision. Decisions should be made with a level head and only after taking some time to think about the decision and what the decision means to you and your life.

According to Bazerman and Moore, there are six steps to making a rational decision. The first step is to define the problem, sometimes people make decisions without fully understanding what the problem is and often end up solving the wrong problem or create a bigger problem because of the misunderstanding. The second step is to identify the criteria; this step allows you to identify all factors and relevant issues within the process. An example would be searching for a home with a big yard, four bedrooms, a basement, open floor plan and a fireplace. These wants would be the criteria you identified for this step.

The third step is to weigh the criteria, this step allows one to understand the good and bad of each option for the criteria laid out in the second step, sometimes the criteria can’t all be met, but one has to choose which one is more important to the overall cause. Going back to the home you are looking for, after looking for several months and fifty homes, if you find the home of your dreams and it has everything but the fireplace, you may make a decision based on the fact that having four bedrooms, the open floor plan and a big yard is more important than a fireplace.

The next step is to generate the alternatives, in the fourth step; courses of action are identified where alternatives are sought out. Back to the home search once again, before one buys a home there is usually the “I like the lay out of this one” or “the yard at that house is bigger than this one” Before making a final decision, one will either continue to search, or narrow...

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