Michael’s sat document

Michael’s sat document

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Can success be disastrous?

In today’s society, most people take success as the only standard to judge a person. people who pay all their attention on receiving decent education; however, usually have unsound personalities. In addition, because of spending too much time working on academic projects, most of these successful people, except those who are willing to spend their money on take part in exercises courses, have weak bodies. These two affects of being successful can absolutely be called disasters, therefore, it corroborate that success is a double-edged sword.

Spending too much time to be successful can be catastrophe to people’s health conditions and to people’s family relationship. As we all know, almost all parents in the world are looking forward to their children’s success. Children are being hoped by their mum and dad to be leaders in an area with great respect from others. So that parents can stand high above the masses when they are talking about their children with their friends with a great amount of proud generating in their hearts. Vainglorious parents make students who can doing well in study but a disabled person in other area except academic by keep their children to do hard work and reinforce children’s study stress gradually. Parents’ force misleads children to take study as the most vital thing in their childhood instead of playing outdoors with other kids. Proof by facts, staying indoors will not make a student do better in all subjects. A fact that has been proved many times by children all around the world showed that the ability of communication of students who spent more time playing sports is much higher than those students who were forced to study day and night. Indeed, spending more time on study can promote one’s ability in academic; nevertheless, students like this will have a great gap in their social intercourse.

In some cases, success can make someone lose his or her kind-hearted and modesty and to be...

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