Michael Phelps “Cereal” Role Model or Serial Abuser

Michael Phelps “Cereal” Role Model or Serial Abuser

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Cereal Role Model or Serial Abuser

Michael Phelps embroiled in a drug scandal or just relaxing. Histories greatest Olympian is actually human. How do we now know this not due to his 1500 passed drug test but from a picture taken by a college student of Michael Phelps allegedly smoking marijuana from a bong.

In Nicole Jeffery’s article, Olympic star Phelps in hot water over pot-smoking picture, her opinions isn’t clearly stated by the intending reading of the article is negative toward Phelps mentioning other misdemeanours he has been involved in. This image shows Phelps as a ‘bad boy’ of swimming. This invited reading can be challenged due to the poor and lack of substantial evidence.

With Michael Phelps passing 1500 drug test and being an advocate for new and improved testing methods it is extremely unlikely that he will be the next Ben Johnson or Marion Jones. Disappointing not just themselves but those how adored them for there skill

and ability all to find they have cheated not just themselves but hundreds and thousands of people from their parents, close friends and sponsor’s to their competitors and fans.

Jeffery invites the reader to see Phelps as cheating the system by allegedly using marijuana outside competition. As marijuana is only seen as an issue if found with a positive test inside a competition.

If Phelps is to be found guilty of using marijuana it could be the end of a career that has seen him achieving fourteen Olympic gold medals and breaking thirty-seven world records all this done through pure talent and hard work not performance enhancing drugs.

Marijuana is not performance enhancing if anything it would be detrimental to his swimming career so is there such a necessity to plaster his image all over the media causing him to lose hundreds of thousands in endorsements.

In Kevin Eason’s article from Times Online, spokesmen for Leon Lott, the Sheriff of Richland County, South Carolina, said that the police force was...

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