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McDonald’s Coffee Case-study

Use as much space as you need to answer these questions, in your own words. Do not copy directly from the article.

1. List all of the facts in the Liebeck v. McDonald’s Corporation (1994) case? Use full sentences and do not include your own personal opinions.
Mcdonald's coffee was being sold at 180 - 190 degrees Fahrenheit the cause of more than 700 burns since 1982. The coffee gave Mrs. Liebeck third degree burns and she had to stay in the hospital for 8 days getting treatment. Mcdonald's has known about the risk for more than 10 years. Mcdonald's had no intentions on turning down the heat. Mcdonald's didn't give any warning signs for customers. Mcdonald's coffee not only has burned men and women but children to.

2. In your opinion were the elements of negligence evident in this case? List the four elements of negligence and describe how they apply to this case or where they appear. Be specific when referencing the case.
The four elements of negligence are: 1.Existence of a legal duty to act reasonably 2.Breach of that duty 3.Injury to the plaintiff 4. Proximate cause. The first element of negligence applies to the duty to change the temperature of the coffee but that was never attempted. The second element of negligence is breach of duty and Mcdonald's didn't take responsibility for changing the temperature after the first few people that got burned they could have avoided a lawsuit if they would have changed the temperature. The third element is injury more than 700 hundred people got burned because of the coffee. Finally the last element of negligence is proximate cause and the injury was definitely a breach of duty because they could have changed the temperature but they they chose not to.

3. What doctrines if any are present in this case? Please list and identify the possible applicable scenarios. (Hint: You should be able to generate a list of at least 4 doctrines)
I don't know any doctrines
where can i find...

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