Micro Macro Report

Micro Macro Report

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1.0 Introduction

This report is based on the impact of key issues, which have affected scheduled airlines. These are within the macro and micro environments of the schedule airline in the tourism industry. The report will also focus on the trends and issues, which affect the scheduled airlines.

The report will have five sectors within in which are background to the sector, macro environment, micro environment, trends and issues in scheduled airlines and also a conclusion.

1. Background to Scheduled Airlines

Scheduled airlines boom started within the 80’s where mostly governments were funding airlines and making them the national flag-carrier British Airways and Emirates where those airlines in that time. The point of scheduled airlines is that they run to a timetable they will have flights to the same destination every single day. The schedules depend on seasonality for example summer flights to Ibiza wont run in the Winter schedule for Bmi and vice versa.

There are 650 scheduled airlines worldwide and 270 of them are IATA members. They are domestic scheduled airlines and also on international scheduled airlines, which they abide to the schedule, which has been made, and the airlines are mostly privately or publicly owned companies.

The scheduled airlines have though in the past decade suffered problems after problems and some scheduled airlines due to 9/11 or the recession has folded. Airlines such as XL Airways and Zoom have been bankrupted, as people have not been travelling anymore due to being scared of flying or not being able to afford the flight fares.

2.0 MACRO Environment

This part of the report will focus on the MACRO environment external factors, which affect the scheduled airlines in different ways and formats. This will be done via a PESTEL analysis, which stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal.

2.1 Political Factors

There are many different types of political factors, which...

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