Micro Powder Grinding Machining of Blast Furnace Slag Industrial Feasibility Analysis

Micro Powder Grinding Machining of Blast Furnace Slag Industrial Feasibility Analysis

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Iron smelting blast furnace slag is a kind of from the eduction in blast furnace slag, is a eutectic mixture, can use a variety of craft processing into precious material with many USES. Iron smelting blast furnace slag is a waste residue from the eduction in blast furnace. From blast furnace pig iron in blast furnace smelting, to join the raw materials, in addition to iron ore and fuel (coke), but also in flux. When temperature up to 1400 a 1600 ℃, flux with iron ore in the high temperature reaction of ,pig iron and slag. Blast furnace slag is made up of gangue, ash content, flux and other could not enter the impurity in the iron, is a eutectic mixture. From the point of chemical composition, blast furnace slag is belongs to the silicate materials. 1 t per production of pig iron, blast furnace slag emissions as ore grade and refining method. For example using lean iron ore iron, pig iron blast furnace slag output of 1.0 a 1.2 t per ton; With rich iron ore, each t iron blast furnace slag to produce 0.25 t. Because of modern separation and ironmaking technology.

long-term mountain of blast furnace slag has left a lot of headaches for iron and steel enterprise, now, in the high and new technology, the scourge of these worthless, former big waste has become a developing circular economy, promote new sources of energy conservation and emissions reduction. With the development of China's iron and steel industry, blast furnace slag discharge increasing, over the years has accumulated nearly 15 x 107 t slag, covers an area of about 1000 km2. In order to deal with the waste residue, the country spends billions of dollars to build slag discharge and rail lines, a huge waste of resources. Because the blast furnace slag are silicate material, is formed in 1400 ℃ ~ 1600 ℃ high temperature of the molten body, thus facilitating processed into many kinds of building materials.

With the development of grinding technology, production and applications of GGBS is bigger and...

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