Microeconomics - Wage Inequality in Men and Woman

Microeconomics - Wage Inequality in Men and Woman

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Professor Menouar Boulahfa
29 April 2011

Term Paper:
Wage Inequality

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world. However, women are still victimized by wage discrimination. Women have their fundamental right to be paid similarily to men but many factors influence wage gap between men and women. Factors such as education and choice of work field, marital status and family. Technicaly wage discrimination between men and women is illegal in Canada. However, statistics illustrate that there is still a large wage gap between the wages paid to men compared to those paid to women.

One of the factors of the wage gap is a preference of job choices by men and women. Most women in Canada work as nurses, teachers and clerks. However, teacher and nurses are in public sector where the wages paid are lower than any other jobs. On the other hand, men are interested in architecture and engineering, sectors that have seen a significant boost since 1990. Men are also more prone to doing dangerous and harder jobs where the pay is much higher then other safer jobs. In 2006, it was reported that 26% of women were working less than 30 hours per week, but only 10.8% men were working part-time (Marcia Almey). This seems to indicated that more women work part-time than men, which in turns means they gaid paid less anualy and have less chances at advancment. Women also tend to be the ones taking care fo their families and children which makes them spend more time working at home than men.

According to Statistic Canada, women work in their house two hours more than men (Coline Lindsay). Women also take maternity leave, which makes a difference in the voerall pay they receive and reduces their chances of advancment. For these reasons women usually tery to get get a job which will not have a major affect on their family life, sometimes probably not taking a better oportunity. Women need to manage their work...

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