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In this case I believe that Latour has neglected crucial management tools, such as personal leadership and communication skills. He really needs to relinquish the highly detailed management style that previously worked well for him. He should also engage in straight talk, and offer coaching help to Stern. I think that Latour’s main issue lies in the inability to develop or adapt. The most crucial step needed is for Latour to become aware of his tendency to micromanage.

Many employees who have been in the workforce any length of time have occasionally been in Sterns position, which in this case is working for a micromanager. The micromanager is the manager who has to personally make every decision, take a lead role in the performance of every significant task and, in extreme cases, dictate every small step the workers take. To many employees the micromanager is, in modern parlance, a control freak. The micromanager hovers over people who are trying to get their work done and rarely, if ever, seriously considers their ideas and opinions. The only "original" thinking the micromanager recognizes is his or her own.

Employees readily recognize micromanagement, but most micromanagers don't think of themselves as micromanagers. Rather, they usually believe they're practicing good management. The micromanager is customarily authoritarian in outlook, taking the job quite seriously, accepting personal responsibility for everything that's done and generally following an approach that says, in effect, "The buck stops here." Most of the time the micromanager also firmly believes the adage that "If you want something done well, you've got to do it yourself."

The micromanager takes essential management practices to extremes and interferes with employees' ability to do their jobs properly, while creating undue stress for them. Outstanding examples are evident in the area of performance feedback. All employees need regular feedback on performance,...