Microsoft Access Usage in the Work Place

Microsoft Access Usage in the Work Place

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Microsoft Access usage in the work place

Brodwrick D Battle SR

CIS 205

18 FEB 2011
Week 4
Steven Messerschmidt


Access is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft Office. It was initially released in November of 1992, it is now known as Microsoft Office Access. Access stores data in its own format based on the Access Jet Database Engine. It can also import or link directly to data stored in other applications and databases. Access helps you quickly share, track and report important information in a manageable environment (Microsoft Office, 2011).
Microsoft Access usage in the work place
My current organization does not use Office Access but I have utilized this software during my time in the Military. In 2000 I was stationed at Fort Knox, KY and a Platoon Sergeant/Battalion Master Gunner. Needless to say the version of Access that I am familiar with is a part of Microsoft Office 2000 Suite.
While I was assigned to Fort Knox my unit was an OSAT Training unit where new recruits can to conducted Basic Training and AIT. At any given time of the year 1/81 Armor housed upwards of 800 trainees divided across 6 Basic Training Companies. While assigned to 1/81 AR, we used Access to track when the each new Soldiers progress through their four month long basic and AIT. Information that we tracked with Access follow according to (Microsoft Office, 2011):
• Training week and phase IE; Red, Blue, Yellow and Green phase
• Testing pass and fail rates
• Weapons Qualification
• Vehicle driving records
• Parents Information to include home of record and phone numbers
• Leave address to include flight information
There are many other ways we used Access to track, share and manage Soldiers information the aforementioned list is just a few.
Access 2000 worked well for its date of design, when using Access I found that it was...

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