Microsoft Company History

Microsoft Company History

Title Page
This page should include the project title and your name.

Table of Contents

Title Page 1
Section 1- Microsoft 4
Company Description Section: 4
Company History Section: 4
Core Businesses Section: 4
Consumer Ecosystem components: 4
Diagrams 5
Summary: 5
Section 2- Apple 5
Company Description Section: 5
Company History Section: 5
Core Businesses Section: 6
Consumer Ecosystem components: 6
Diagrams 6
Summary: 6
Section 3- Google 7
Company Description Section: 7
Company History Section: 7
Core Businesses Section: 7
Consumer Ecosystem components: 7
Diagrams 7
Summary: 8
Section 4- Amazon 8
Company Description Section: 8
Company History Section: 8
Core Businesses Section: 8
Consumer Ecosystem components: 9
Diagrams 9
Summary: 9
Conclusion 9
References 9
Examples of Technology Businesses 10
Consumer Software Businesses 10
Gaming Business 10
Hardware Business 10
Enterprise Business 10
Subscription Business 11
Mobile Business 11

Section 1- Microsoft
Company Description Section:
Give a description of the company. Include corporate philosophy, company motto and/or mission statement. List the current CEO, and the location of corporate headquarters and important regional sites.

Company History Section:
Give brief account of the history of the company. Date founded and what propelled the company in worldwide prominence. In the diagram section include a timeline showing key milestones in the company’s history to the present.

Core Businesses Section:
Give a complete list of the core business of the company. Give a detailed description of the core businesses and the products that make up that business. Include in this section, a description of the type of customers that are served by the core business.

Consumer Ecosystem components:
From the products researched in the core business section reveal the components of this company’s consumer ecosystem. Include...

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