Microsoft Organizational Tree

Microsoft Organizational Tree

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Microsoft Organizational Tree
Sheena Lavergne
Axia University

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Microsoft O.T.

American success story coming out of no place a small company begun by a group
of computer geniuses soar to the top of the business ladder in record time. Organizations
success or failure depends on several factors. The right product idea, a motivated team, and
a solid organization tree. It is not surprising when you research the growth of the Microsoft
cooperation’s rise to glorious success. An innovated leader such as William Gates III is the
seed person who took Microsoft to its present fame along with Allen Paul. Surrounded
himself with positive producing persons of technical skills which helped to produce four
billionaires, and twelve thousand millionaires who developed the computer systems with
ease to make nearly every person in America computer savvy. This is the reason for the
Microsoft success story and rise to fame. Needless to say these are the two of the four
billionaires who owe their life-styles to the success of the Microsoft successes, which
naturally is their own success for they developed the software which made the company
the success it is today.
Born to William and Mary Gates II, October 28, 1955, his father a Seattle lawyer,
his mother a University of Washington regent teacher and chairmen of the United Way
International. William Gates the III was noted to be an underachieving math whiz. In 1968
Bill Gates put his hands on a computer for the first time at Computer Center Corporation ,
His friend Paul Allen, Allen was born on January 21, 1953, in Seattle, Washington, his
parents, Kenneth and Faye Allen, were both librarians at the University of Washington.
Paul Allen’s early interest consisted of reading science fiction and the sciences. In 1965
Allen began as a seventh grader at Lakeside School where he meant and befriended an
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Microsoft O.T.
eight grader by the name of William Gates III,...

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