Microsoft vs Apple

Microsoft vs Apple

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Marqus Miller
English 101 (7074)
Assignment: Comparison Contrast Essay
November 8 2013

Two Sides of the Same Coin

In this day and age we have a vast need for computers. Computers come in all forms and brands made from different corporations. The most famous of all are Microsoft (Windows) and Apple (Mac). Both brands of computer are different in its entirety but offer quite a variety. Microsoft offers a different variety of high end computers at a low cost while Apple offers costly high end computers. Microsoft focuses on the look and technology of a computer while Apple focuses on just the technology and not much on the look.
In my experience with computers I wholeheartedly recommend Microsoft. Microsoft is a multi-use device. If you want high quality in every facet of use, Microsoft is the choice for you. It has a great gigahertz processor, a better graphics card, a large amount of RAM (random access memory) and it has immense Hard disk space. The only reason for this is because Microsoft started as a Hardware company, so they have a little more experience than Apple.
Windows have many advantages, like you can get it at an affordable price, the technology is up to date and has software pre-installed on your computer for just about everything. They also have an applications store (some of their products are free). All software made is compatible with Microsoft. They give you a wide variety of computers to choose from. It’s easier to maintain a Microsoft computer and is exceptionally fast. The disadvantages of Windows are it’s lack in security and are prone to some viruses, but the way to make up for this is by using anti-virus software.
Apple was established on April of 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozinak and Ronald Wayne. They incorporated Apple on January of 1977 and Ronald Wayne sold his share back to Wozinak and Jobs. Before they renamed it “” it was named “Apple” The name changed when they started making phones and other...

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