Midsummer Night's Dream

Midsummer Night's Dream

Blind Owl: read for next week by Sadeq-e Hedayat (part of the mid-term question)
Jalal also part of the mid-term

What is the relations between language and national identity?
• Communication between people that takes place in a country
Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803)
• Germany theologest
• Folk-nation
• Nostalgic
• Origin
• Language: determined thought

Persianism: Objectives
1) Challenged traditional Persian literature as outdated:
• Sa’di, Hafez or Ferdose (except Umar Khayam) for its decorative and mystical (abstract literary)
Persianism as a literary movement was not merely NATIONALISTIC…
Ultimately ANTI-QAJAR Islamic tradition & influence of Arabic culture

Classical Persian Literature
• Sa’di of Shiraz (1200-1292 C.E.)
o Poet, knowing for didactic, moralistic way of writing
• Hafiz 1342-?
o Your tender lips heal my sickness the best, precious rubies are in your treasure of grace.
o My body may not have you always to embrace; my heart is always at your threshold at rest
o O’ Nightingale! Enjoy the rose of her face; your love-song is heard at the turf with zest.
• Omar Khayam 1048-1122
o “And if the wine you drink, the lip you press, end in what all begins and ends in yes; think then you today what yesterday you were, tomorrow you shall not be less.
• Live life to it’s fullness
Historical Novel:
• Mohammad Bagher Mirza Khosrave (1850-1919)
o A Qajar Prince wrote The Venetian Maria (1910) love story set in 13th century Persia when the Mongols invaded.
o Dumas (Les Trios Mousquetaires)
Four famous Authors:
• Nima Yshij (1897-1960)/ Introduced new style of poetry/ “New Poetry”
o “My face is downcast, My boat is beached. With my boat beached, I shout...You know what I mean, One hand is voiceless. I and my hand both seek help for you. My shout, whether loud, is to free you and myself. I shout, I shout”
• M. A. Jamalzadeh (1892-1997)
o Sayyid Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh
o Born in Isfahan, Iran, 1982
o His father a...

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