1.Cycladic sculpture has a "modern" quality. If this statement were true, what traits would you say such sculptural works shared with modern art works? Did Cycladic artwork have much in common with those of their Egyptian counterparts? If the latter is so, which period of both cultures appears closest in relationship when the practice of art, architecture cultural practices converge?

The marble figurines of the early Cycladic period represent the main objects of artistic expression of the civilization. They reflect the anthropocentric character of this early form of art as well as the simplicity and freedom of the islander’s lifestyle. They express both a sense of moderation and the aspiration towards monumentality. I believe cyladic artwork have lots in common by the styles and meanings of their art.

2. Excavations have discovered that Minoan archeological complexes were not only royal or imperial private residences, but they also housed administrative and bureaucratic offices for their respective empires. Minoan structures employed columns and so did the Egyptians, discuss the functional differences or similarities of how both cultures utilized the use of columns.

The use of columns in Egyptian and Minoan culture in my belief are quite the same or similar. Egyptian columns were mainly used for the art of decoration and had no real purpose or use. All in all it was just something nice to look at like an abstract feel. Majority of the pieces could not even stand on their own without being mounted on something else which gave them no real architectural purpose. However in many ways it was a key to the art around it the sculptures it’s like an ingredient to making a cake.

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