Migros Market Research

Migros Market Research

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Migros Market Research

Migros is founded in 1925 in Switzerland. The name comes from French “mi” for half or mid-way and "gros", which means wholesale. Thus the word “Migros” means prices that are halfway between retail and wholesale. The idea of Migros was selling basic food stuff at low prices to householders by trucks. The Migros trucks were going to villages and towns to sell their stuff.

Migros entered the Turkish market in 1954 with Istanbul City Council by the same system selling their stuff by Migros trucks but it was only in Istanbul. It was sold to Koc Holding in 1975.

Meanwhile Migros open their other branches in many cities around Turkey and became larger and larger every year. Migros has M system which shows us how big is that store. For example Migros with two M’s (MMM) Migros you can find every kind of stuff you would want which includes foods,bakery,cleaning hoseholds stuff, electronics, textile, kitchen equipment etc.

Their other most important thing is the employers are always ready to help to you with good-humor, they are always smiling and asking to you for any other thing that they can help. These are the things which makes people enjoy during their shopping time and so makes you go back there next time.

Not only good humor and also they have these campaigns that; if you have a Migros Club Card you can benefit from these special discounts. So here you go another connecting factor to choose Migros.

One of the reason I picked Migros was food wasn’t the only stuff I was looking for so I went there and found everything I had needed. The other reason I have choosen Migros was I live in a neighborhood which is pretty far from city center and the closest store around here is Migros. Actually it has been just opened for people that lives in this complex. There are 1111 house in the complex and when you go in Migros you met your neighbors there and the class of people isn’t that different.so I feel secure during shopping.

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