Mike Ceolin

Mike Ceolin

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Hello all:

You are receiving this e-mail because you are registered in HKIN 454B for term 2. My name is Janna Taylor and I will be your instructor.

The purpose of this field experience course is to provide you with a practical and professional learning environment. You are responsible for finding your own practicum placement. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO BEGIN LOOKING FOR A PRACTICUM NOW and have one or two lined up as possibilities so you are not scrambling in January to find a suitable placement. I also encourage you to look for a placement that is of interest to you, but not something you have done before or are overly familiar with. Use this opportunity to investigate another area, a possible work or career focus, or experience in a context, environment, or with a population you have not had previous exposure to. The point is to maximize learning and exploration while applying what you have learned at UBC.

You are required to complete 40 hours (over 13 weeks) of field work experience with an organization that offers (directly or indirectly) health or fitness opportunities to the public. This can be a regular weekly time, or you could choose a field experience related to a special event. Credit for field work experience can NOT be retroactive and you may NOT receive credit or remuneration (must be volunteer). Your field work also must take place while you are registered in HKIN 454B (winter term) and be with one organization and the organization and work you will be doing must be approved by me before you begin.

To assist you in your search for a placement, you might consider conducting fitness/health seminars, organizing, designing, developing projects, research, special events, exercise prescription and training, etc. at:

- private gyms/fitness centres
- community centres
- seniors centres
- rehab centres such as GF Strong
- physiotherapy clinics
- sport organizations
- sport and rec governmental agencis (ie. 2010 Legacies Now, Pacific Sport)

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