mike newton

mike newton

Managers are important persons that work everyday for the maintenance of a business. We all need managers without them there is no organization for a business to work. Setting goals is the correct way for an effective management, and strategies are important for the achieve company goals. The purposes of setting goals are: to provide direction for managers, help firms allocate resources, help define corporate culture and help managers assess performance. Normally a business set short-term goals because is the easiest way to progress in an easy way. The intermediate and long-term goals are kind of risky, it’s not normal to see that in all businesses; but the compensation is really good. In my opinion setting goals makes everyday progress the world and helps innovating, that’s why the importance of setting goals. People needs to take risks for progress and always keep setting goals.

The management process it’s about planning, organizing, directing and controlling. For the correct work of this they have to establish standards and measure performance, if that doesn’t work then they will have to proceed for an adjustment. There are three levels of management: top managers, middle managers and first line managers. All those managers are in charge of certain areas of a business, depends on the managing rank.

In the 21st century to be a manager it’s not so easy, now in these days every person need to have skills and be somebody. Its important the knowledge of new technologies and corporate culture, around the world everyone are adapting to the technologies for a better progress of work. Management is tightly linked to the corporate culture. It contains all the shared experiences, stories, beliefs, and norms that characterize an organization. With the corporate culture there is communication and generate a management change in a better way.

1. Describe what a vision is
A vision is an aspirational view of where the business wants to be. It...

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