Chairman  of  the  Joint  Chief  of  Staff

Article  92: Failure to obey  an  order  or regulation.

Article 0818: Publishing & Posting Orders & Regulations
Article  of the Navy Regs lists the publications  that must  be made available  to active  duty  service  members  upon request.

Article 1021: Authority over Subordinates gives officers authority necessary to perform their duties.

Article 1033: Provides the senior line officer eligible  for command at sea  the authority  over  all persons  embarked in a boat. It also delegates to the officer the responsibility  for the  safety  and management  of the boat.

Article 1038: Authority of a Sentry.  A sentry, within  the limits stated in his orders, has authority  over all persons on his post.

Article 1104: treatment  and release of  prisoners,  prohibits  cruel and unusual treatment.  According  to this article,  prisoners  must  be  checked on at  what minimum interval  4 hours.

Article  1134: Exchange  of Duty.  An assigned  duty  may  not be changed with  another  person  (such as trading  watches) without  permission  from  proper  authority.

Article  1166 Sexual Harassment. Do not make offensive  verbal  comments,  gestures, or physical  contact  in the work environment.  Do not use implicit  or explicit sexual behavior to control  other  personnel.

Condition I:General  Quarters all battle  stations  are  manned
Condition II:
Condition III:is the normal wartime cruising watch. Ships company stands watch on a basis of 4 hours on 8 hours off about 1/3 of the  ship's armament is manned in the event of a surprise attack.

11 General Orders of a Sentry:

Six Articles of the  Code of Conduct:

JA Captains Battle  Circuit
JC Weapons Control
JL Lookouts
21JS  Surface  Search  Radar
22JS Air  Search  Radar
61JS  Sonar  Information
1JV  Maneuvering  and Docking
2JZ  Damage  Control
X8J  Replenishment at Sea...

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