Million Dollar Antique

Million Dollar Antique

"I found one!" Darren Simmons yelled from his part of the dig site. "Way to go, Sims!" I sprinted over. "No way!" I marveled at the intricate details carved into the golden sarcophagus. "That artifact is worth a million!" I said, baffled. As agile as a pair of cats, we leaped over the jagged rocks that covered the sprawling landscape.

At the lab, I frowned as the reports came up on the flat screen monitor. It said that the antiquity was a fake! "Since when did people start tossing imposters in the site area, even when we put security tape all around the place? They are deluding us!" I pondered out loud. With a look of steadfastness on my face, I marched out of the laboratory like an admiral on the battle field, setting off on an expedition never started before....To halt all means of the artisans that make frauds that look real into our site....Even if it takes an armada.

My adventure took me to the police station. I filed a complaint to the bear of an officer sitting at the front desk. With ungainliness, he eased himself out of the chair and lumbered to the drawer where all the criminal files are kept. "Don't we have to do some fingerprinting first?" I asked.

"Well,what do we have here? Steve Jenkinsons, regular lawbreaker. He's so nimble; I need to have a tracking device on him. Let's go for a ride, shall we?

The car drew silently down the decline to the tiny brick hut. "Hey Jenks, you're gonna suffer famine down in the county jail!" the policeman shouted. Steve, looking quite feeble, managed to be taken away to justice while I walked home - the dig site.

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