Mills Schwable

Mills Schwable


Sociological Views

The sociological views of Michael Schwalbe’s and C Wright Mills

Patrick Reeds


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Mills and Swalbe’s sociological views

Both Mills and Schwalbe have very interesting sociological views. In ways they are different and in ways they are alike. I believe that Mills suggest that in order to be sociologically mindful one must understand biography, history and the relations between the two within society. Schwalbe suggests that we should always be skeptical of where knowledge comes from, we should always take into account alternative views and we as sociologists should be mindful of certain the questions we are faced with.

Mike Schwalbe suggests that in order to have a good sociological view one must be mindful of where knowledge comes from that we should ask ourselves how we know what we claim to know. (Page 34) Schwalbe also suggests that we should always be mindful of the questions we are facing. (Page 36) Schwalbe proposes we should know that a question can be empirical, aesthetic, moral, or interpretive . Scwalbe also makes it clear that it is good to be mindful of the types of questions we are and there is no point in debating answers to aesthetic and interpretive questions because there could more than one plausible answer. (Page 36)
Another important part in developing a good sociological view, is being able to recognize alternative views that are crucial in helping to understand how the social world works, understanding alternative views helps gives us more angles in which to view the social world. For example a conventional view could be Columbus discovered America, an alternative view would suggest Columbus launched a atrocious invasion on an already...

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