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1. Learning Objective: Learning objectives are not specified for this lesson. The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize the students with the cirriculum of the Basic MIMMS Course.


1. THE OBJECTIVES OF THE BASIC MIMMS COURSE. The basic MIMMS course objective is to provide the Marine with the technical knowledge and skills required to become an effective maintenance management specialist and assist the maintenance management officer or chief in effectively managing ground equipment maintenance.

2. MIMMS TERMS, ABBREVIATIONS, AND ACRONYMS. As with all special areas in our Marine Corps, MIMMS has its own terms, abbreviations, and acronyms. For example, the acronym MIMMS stands for Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance Management System. You can find a listing of MIMMS terms, abbreviations and acronyms in appendices A and B of UM 4790-5. Taking the time to familiarize yourselves with this new terminology will enhance your understanding of MIMMS. MIMMS AIS involves tracking ground equipment and the expenditure of resources as it travels through the maintenance production cycle with the use of a computer system. Many people think that MIMMS is the computer system or the automated information system (AIS). Remember that the AIS is only one of four elements of maintenance management.

3. Duty Area One; Maintenance Management

Within the area of Maintenance Management we have eight sub functional areas. Maintenance administration, personnel and training, records and reports, publication control, equipment availability, preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) and corrective maintenance, supply support and maintenance related programs.

(a) Equipment Repair Order The Equipment Repair...