Mindmap/Linear outline on multiple intelligences

Mindmap/Linear outline on multiple intelligences

Immigration and Reform Act of 1986
The Border Security, Equal Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S.744)
Should it be done again?


HIST102 – American History since 1877
Professor Rebecca Butler
July 21, 2013

Ronald Reagan did it in 1986. President Obama is seeking it out today…Amnesty. The influx of immigrants into the country has always been one of the United States’ constants. It is how it became a nation and how it has evolved as a nation. Immigration has been a staple of the community. Without it, the society people are familiar with today would be very different, lacking the cultural assortment seen when visiting most any major metropolitan area. Yet, many people were against amnesty in the 80’s just like many are against it today. Why?
Former President Reagan was of the mind that the United States should continue supporting those who wish to free oppression and that the United States has benefited from the work force provided by that influx of immigrants. In short, he wanted to,
“…work towards a new and realistic immigration policy, a policy that will be fair to our own citizens while it opens the door of opportunity for those who seek a new life in America.”
He succeeded. The Bill passed and granted amnesty to nearly 3 million people. Yet immigration reform is still a modern day problem.
The advocates of President Obama’s Immigration Reform Act (S.744) cite that there are roughly 11 million undocumented workers currently living in the United States. Clearly not a

good statistic, they push for S.744 as a solution to the growing problem that the country has ignored for over 20 years. Opponents to the proposed Bill cite that any new policy will do no good unless security on the Border is increased and current laws more strictly enforced. Opponents to the...

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