Quarter 4 Free Reading Assignment *** Due May 16

You need to create an informational page for your book. It must be set up according to the following. Type the bolded headings onto your paper, and thoroughly answer the prompts. Use Times New Roman, 12pt. font, and double spacing. Your responses should be 6-8 sentences. You will also give a book talk to the class where you go over the information included. You cannot use a book you have previously read or a book you are using in another class. THIS MUST BE TYPED. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

MLA Heading

Author. Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication. Print.
Example Citation:
Smith, Melvin. The World. New York: Harper, 2000. Print.

Summary: Give a summary of the plot. This should be 200 words.

Main Characters: Tell me who the main characters are and their importance to the book and personality traits.

Themes: What are the main ideas or lessons of the book? What point is the author trying to make through the writing?

Quote: Choose a quote that is a sentence or two long from the book that you felt was striking for some reason (theme, characterization, tone, imagery). Write down the passage using quotation marks because you are copying word for word. If what you are copying is already in quotes, use triple quotes. Include the author’s last name and page number of the quote. Then explain the context of the quote (who is saying it and what is going on at the time) and why you view the quote as meaningful or moving. “……………….” (Fitzgerald 134).

Strengths: What are the strengths of the book/writing style? EXPLAIN. Below are some possible areas to discuss. You do not have to address all of them.
Is the book easy to follow, a quick read? Did you like the use of language? Is the language descriptive/full of imagery? Is the topic of the book relevant to real-life issues? Are the characters life like? Were historical events portrayed accurately?


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