Mineral Processing Equipment Solutions of Hammer Crusher

Mineral Processing Equipment Solutions of Hammer Crusher

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Hammer crusher is a kind of crushing equipment which carries out medium and fine crushing by the hammerhead’s high-speed motion. It has the characteristics of high crushing ratio, even discharging granularity and low energy consumption, etc. Owe to the hostile working environment and high vibration, the crushers will appear some faults and abrasion.

1. The abrasion of bearing

The bearing, repaired by welding or brushing plating, will have the problem of minor axis or even serious accident influenced by high temperature. In addition, this method is not so reliable because it can cause the abrasion once again in a short time. So it should choose the high-tech product which has strong adhesive force and stong compressive resistance to repair the damaged bearing quickly and prolong the service life of the bearing as well.

2. The overheating of bearing

Reason: this is caused because of lack of lubricating oil or the deterioration of the oil, and on the other hand, this can be caused by the damaged bearing.

Solution: to complement lubricating oil as appropriate and to change a new bearing if it is damaged.

3. The knocking noise of the inside of the machine

Reason: there is sundries entering the inside or the fixed parts of the scaleboard become loose to lead the hammer crashes on the scaleboard. It is also possible that the hammer or other parts are damaged.

Solution: to stop the operation of crusher and clean the crushing cavity; to check whether the fixed parts of the scaleboard are loose; to replace the damaged parts.

4. The vibration of the crusher

Reason: the crusher may be not placed in a balanced position leading to the vibration or the abrasion of the crusher is serious.

Solution: to check all parts of the machine carefully and replace or repair in time to avoid influencing the production.

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