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Mineral Nutrition for Muscadine Grapes
Dr. Mercy Olmstead, Extension Specialist University of Florida

Importance of Nutrition
Plants need essential elements to survive, produce high quality fruit  Photosynthesis, cell wall growth, fruit set all depend upon optimum levels of nutrients
 

Pre-plant analysis: What can the soil provide?
◦ Amendments based on analysis since some elements are easier to fix before planting

Impact of pH on Nutrients
Soil pH is important  pH affects nutrient availability

◦ Some nutrients more available in soil or solution

Areas with significant rainfall have lower soil pH
◦ Due to leaching of Ca2+, Mg2+, K+ and Na+ ◦ Replaced with H+

**The thicker the bar, the more available the nutrient

Impact of pH on Nutrients

Soil pH Adjustments
Acidic soils must be adjusted before planting  Rate of pH change:

◦ Dolomitic lime (contains Mg) - Slow ◦ Ground limestone - Slow ◦ Pelletized limestone – Fast

Use combination of materials to sustain effect

Irrigation Water pH

Solutions for high pH water?
◦ Acidify the water source ◦ Monitor soil pH ◦ Apply fertilizers with sulfur to bring pH down

Required Elements

Macronutrients –
◦ Needed in large quantities ◦ Reported in % on plant tissue analysis

◦ Needed in much smaller quantities ◦ Reported in parts per million (ppm)
 Ppm = mg/L

◦ Easy to go from deficiency to toxicity with improper application

Important in making amino acids & proteins, DNA and RNA, and chlorophyll  Deficiency affects older leaves first

◦ Yellowing, small leaves

Excessive nitrogen promotes vigor and can leach into groundwater
◦ Increased pressure by environmental groups
 EPA Numeric Nutrient Criteria in Florida
 Sets numeric limit on P and N in bodies of water


Important in cells that transfer energy
◦ ATP and ADP –...

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