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International Business Law

Part 1 – Overview of International Business
I. Economic Interdependence and the Global Marketplace
II. Forms of International Business
A. Trade
1. Comparative Advantage
2. Recent Trends in U.S. Trade
3. Trade in Services
B. Exporting
1. Direct Exporting
2. Indirect Exporting
C. Importing and Global Sourcing
D. Government Controls over Trade: Tariffs and Nontariff Barriers
1. Tariffs
2. Nontariff Barriers to Trade
3. Trade Liberalization and the World Trade Organization
4. Export Controls
E. Intellectual Property Rights and International Licensing Agreements
1. Protecting International Property Rights
2. Technology Transfer Licensing
3. International Franchising
F. Foreign Direct Investment
1. Multinational Corporations
2. Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures, Mergers, and Acquisitions
3. United States Foreign Direct Investment

III. Managing the Risks of International Business
A. Risk Assessment and the Firm’s Foreign Market Entry Strategy
B. Managing Distance and Communications
C. Language and Cultural Differences
D. Managing Currency and Exchange Rate Risks
1. Exchange Rate Risk
2. Floating and Fixed Exchange Rates
3. Currency Control Risk
E. Special Transaction Risks in Contracts for the Sale of Goods
1. Payment or Credit Risk
2. Delivery Risk
3. Property or Marine Risk
4. Pilferage and Containerized Freight
F. Managing Political Risk
1. Causes of Political Risk
2. The Impact on Trade Relations
3. The Risk of International Hostilities
4. Handling Political Risk
G. Risks of Foreign Laws and Courts
H. Ethical Issues in International Business
I. Receiving Professional Assistance in Going International
1. The International Attorney
2. Freight Forwarder/Customs Broker
3. The International Banker

Part 2 – International Corporate Responsibility

Part 3 - International Law and Organizations
I. Public International Law...