MIS 310 Assignment 1 Project Proposal

MIS 310 Assignment 1 Project Proposal

MIS 310 Assignment 1 Project Proposal
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MIS 310 Assignment 1 Project Proposal

Overview of the Project Proposal Assignment
This description of Assignment #1 is divided into five (5) parts, this overview and four additional sections, each reflecting a required section of Assignment #1

(A) Target of study
(B) Significance of target
(C) Data sources
(D) Project plan

Draft a project proposal that broadly describes the information system they intend to study in the post-implementation review.
The project proposal is the first and perhaps most critical component of the final project because the feedback and grade received from the instructor will clarify whether you selected a target of study that is appropriate and doable.
The project proposal will be between 4 and 6 pages (not counting the cover page that identifies student name or the bibliography or the supporting exhibits like the project schedule), double-line spaced & twelve point font.
(A) Target of study
Describe the organization being studied and the information system being studied. What firm or business is being studied?
1. To what industry sector (or sub-sector) does this organization belong?
2. What do organizations in this sector typically do
3. What are the services/products they produce/deliver? For example, if you are investigating MN-DOT, it is not enough to say that MN-DOT is a government agency, it is one of many public agencies that deals with Transportation and Highway infrastructure. What business activities does the firm, business or organization carry out?
4. How big is the organization? [Example: # of employees, assets, annual revenue]
5. What are the organization’s primary products or services that it manufactures/delivers? Who...

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