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Course Syllabus

Joseph Costantini
Office: Vienna, Va
Office Hours: anytime via e-mail or phonecon
Phone: 703 938-3499

Hello class, I am Joe Costantini. I want to welcome you all to NETW 583.
Here is a little about my background in Information Security: I have 40 years of
practical experience in information assurance (and information security) including
participation in establishment and operation of information security programs at six
major U.S. Government Agencies both as an employee and as a consultant.
I have taught several graduate and undergraduate classes in Information Assurance
for DeVry and DeVry Keller in the past and have worked on DeVry teams to develop
coursework. I have also taught special 400 level classified Information Security
classes for George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia and have taught intermediate
school science and mathematics for Fairfax County Schools in Fairfax, Virginia.
My practical experience includes security policy development at all levels (National
Policy through office procedures), security architecture at all levels (enterprise
through workstation/server), certification and accreditation practices, security
awareness and training, system security assessment, security reporting, and security
test and evaluation, and computer and network defense (CND).
I have held positions as Chief Scientist for Information Security for the CIA, and Chief
of Security policy at two major US Government Agencies (CIA and DIA). I have also
been Chief of Information Security Assessments, a Senior Technical Referent for
Communications Systems, and Special Operations Officer for Counterintelligence.
Finally, I have been an Information System Security Manager, a Information System
Security Evaluator/Assessor, and an Information System Security Engineer, as well as
an Information...

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