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Misc Paper

Business Law Study Questions

Ch. 1 - Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning.

1. Alan is a judge. The function of Alan and other judges is to
a. decide cases on the basis of their opinions about the issues.
b. decide cases on the basis of their personal philosophical views.
c. interpret and apply the laws.
d. make the laws.

2. Voters in North Carolina approve a new state constitution, after which the Ocean City Council passes new ordinances, the North Carolina Department of Parks and Recreation issues new rules, and the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce sends out new instructions. Sources of law do not include
a. ordinances passed by the Ocean City Council.
b. instructions issued by the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce.
c. rules issued by the North Carolina Department of Parks and Recreation.
d. state constitutions passed by popular vote.

3. In Nebraska, the superior (highest-ranking) law is
a. a case decided by the Nebraska Supreme Court.
b. a provision in the Nebraska constitution.
c. a rule created by a Nebraska state administrative agency.
d. a statute enacted by the Nebraska legislature.

4. Hawaii enacts a state law that violates the U.S. Constitution. This law can be enforced by
a. no one.
b. the federal government only.
c. the state of Hawaii only.
d. the United States Supreme Court only.

5. The Federal Trade Commission is a government agency that issues rules, orders, and decisions. The Georgia state legislature enacts statutes. The Jackson County Board and the Peach City Council enacts ordinances. Administrative law includes which of the following?
a. All law that affects a business’s operation.
b. The rules, orders, and decisions of the Federal Trade Commission.
c. Statutes enacted by the Georgia state legislature.
d. Ordinances created by the Jackson County Board and the city council of Peach City, Georgia.

6. In a suit against Kate,...

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