Miscellaneous - Essay

Miscellaneous - Essay

| |Mitigation, Prevention, & |Describe and illustrate the concepts of |PowerPoint Review & Reading: |
| |Preparedness |mitigation, prevention, and preparedness. |Chapter 6 |
|4 | | | |
| | | |Assignment & Classmate Responses |
| | | |(2) |

This is a two-part assignment/discussion question.

Part I
Choose “one” of the chapter review questions from this week’s assigned reading to repeat and “thoroughly” answer. As an alternative, you may choose “one” the critical thinking questions embedded in the assigned chapter(s). Ensure you “repeat” the question prior to answering.

NOTE: Do not repeat a classmate's question unless you have no choice.

Part II
List and fully explain “TWO” Introduction to Homeland Security salient points from the assigned reading chapter. Ensure succinctly state your key / important / significant points in one sentence at the beginning of your responses. However, fully explain and discuss the points.

NOTE: Do not repeat a classmate's salient points.


Special Note: Unless you have significant new information, sources or an opinion, do not “intentionally” repeat a classmate's choices for any of the above questions. See my “Unintentional Duplication” note below.

Unintentional Duplication: I realize that from time to time a student will unintentionally repeat a classmate’s selection. Just make your best effort not to do so by staying current with what has been previously chosen. Still, I understand this will happen. In these cases, I will review to make sure new information is reported.

Separate your answers into “two” distinct...

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