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Strategic Marketing Plan for

MisrLearn Training Center

Presented to: Dr. Shahinaz Abdel Latif

Presented By:

Eng. Hesham Taha

E- Mail: htaha@misrlearn.com

Nancy Mansour

E-Mail: nmansour@sba-deloitte.com

Introduction about the company;

• MisrLearn is a professional training center established in Cairo in 2002 since that more than 10,000 Students have finished their training in different Projects under supervision of different IT Vendors; the AUC Developing and Advanced Programs, IBM Super User Program, UNESCO, ICDL project, CISCO Certificate CCNA, Microsoft Certificates MCSA, MSCE and MCAD.NET, CompTIA Certificates A+, N+, Linux+ and Security+.

• MisrLearn is one of the finest education and training centers in Cairo Egypt it serves as an information Center supporting lectures by films and seminars, our modern labs, expert instructors and experienced and friendly administrative staff helps us make your learning experience productive and memorable.

• MisrLearn offers blended learning solutions of more than 118 technical and application courses covering 12 vendor technologies and over 50 certification tracks.

• MisrLearn has created strategic partnerships with key IT vendors and has provided services to hundreds of corporations and more than five thousand individuals.

• MisrLearn is an authorized training center recognized by their customers as the leader center in Information Technology industry.

• MisrLearn is an authorized Training and Testing Center from UNESCO, CISCO, Microsoft and IBM.

• MisrLearn is recognized as a testing center for International exams via VUE Pearson & Prometric.

• Students have unlimited access to the internet, as well as material for further research and development. In addition to the Latest Version of Software.

• All Instructors are highly qualified in their specialty, Technically, All Instructors attended "Train the Trainer" sessions,...