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What is a Prefect Workshop
You admired them when you were in first form , to you they were the batman and of PSS who kept things in check. Though you may not admit it right now, you looked up to them and wished that some day you would be like them. Well guess what. Today your wish has come true. Today you are prospective prefects. Congratulations are in order, give yourselves a round of applause.
But before we proceed. I must ask Who is a Prefect. What are the qualities of a good prefect?
Qualities Of A Good Prefect
Prefect Hangman: Students will guess two words for each letter in prefect and say why those qualities are necessary
P – Practical
R – Responsible
E – Exemplary
F - Flexible

T – Trustworthy
Apart from these qualities prefects should also be Assertiveness, Courageous, Confident and decisive
* You are the prefect for your form class. All the teachers in the staff room are in a meeting. Two of your best friends who are not prefects want to leave school to go on a scene. You know that they shouldn’t leave, but you also know that disagreeing with them might cause some tension. What should a prefect do? What quality does this show?

* You are asked to lead general assembly. Another prefect says the prayer. The school body is extremely rowdy and practically bood him away. You have to lead the praise and worship, but you are afraid. What would a prefect do? What qualities does this show?

* You are doing break supervision. Three students approach you asking to enter the classroom, one claims to be sick and that she needs the other two to help her get to her desk. What would you do? What qualities does this show?

Are You A Role Model?
We said that the E in prefect represented exemplary. Are you a good example. I am going to pass out paper. For every accusation that you are guilty of you will tear a piece of paper. We shall see how much paper you have left at the end of the exercise so that you can determine how...

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