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Rochelle the Fairy

Chapter 1: A Little Touch of Magic

One night, Rochelle was lying awake in her bed, thinking about the things that could happen on her first day of fairy secondary school. She could make friends. Or not. She was extremely anxious. Anything could happen! She was just glad that she had her best friend, Lucy, was going to the same fairy secondary school that she was. Suddenly, in a flash, al her fairy primary school memories came flooding back. A tear silently rolled down her pale cheek. She quickly wiped it away, thinking ‘oh dear. All those memories made in eight years. Gone. Finished’ after, a little voice whispered in her ear ‘not gone. They’re still with you. You just need to go out and make some new ones’ said the little silvery voice in her head. She didn’t realize she was taking her own advice. Eventually, she drifted off to sleep.
It was until the next morning, Rochelle awoke to the sound of her mother’s voice.
“Darling. Darling, wake up, you have a lot to accomplish, dear” her mother’s voice nailed its way into Rochelle’s ears. Rochelle groaned, still half asleep.
“Come on, darling. You can’t be late on your first day of school” said her mother, frowning. Rochelle reluctantly got up and out of her bed. Then she got up and stretched. Her silvery wings her droopy as she dragged herself into the bathroom. She splashed the cold water onto her face and she was recharged. Her instinct kicked in and she suddenly rushed in and out of the rooms as fast as a puma. She got dressed into her new comfortable school uniform and admired herself in the mirror. She looked at the time and realized she had to get going.
“Mum. I’m ready!” called Rochelle as she grabbed her empty bag (as she’s got nothing from her school yet) and rushed down the stairs. She hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet so she decided to eat it on the way. She slipped her school shoes on and pinned up her hair in front of the door as quick as she could. She hopped, skipped and...

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