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Critical Review of Research Paper
Table of Contents
2.​Background and Literature Review​3
3.1 Overview​4
3.2 Sampling​4
3.3 Instrument​4
3.4 Design​5
4.1 Results​7
4.2 Analysis​7
5.​Summary and Conclusions​8

1. Introduction
In order that patients receive the most effective health care nursing staff in hospitals and other health centres, nurses must learn from men and women who have taken leadership training and can teach their students leadership skills and abilities acquired (Sellgren, 2006, 351). As health care becomes more complex, take such strong leadership criteria for nurses in all fields to continue improving their own standards and qualifications of others in the field. For critical review, following article is selected:
• Lievens, I. and P. Vlerick. (2014) Transformational leadership and safety performance among nurses: the mediating role of knowledge-related job characteristics, Journal of Advanced Nursing 70(3) 651-661
Rationale for selecting this article is that in context of current nursing shortage, it is crucial to any hospital institution to maximize the satisfaction of nurses and their commitment to the organization, so that they provide care that meets the quality requirements. The critical framework of Kneale & Santy 1998 was used for critical analysis.

2. Background and Literature Review
Author provided initial information about the leadership and safety guidelines. They stated that report will discuss the impact of transformational leadership on two dimensions of nurses' safety performance (i.e. safety compliance and safety participation) and to study the mediating role of knowledge-related job characteristics in this relationship. Literature review discussed the theories about nursing leadership and transformational. Streubert (2012) discussed that literature review is critical for any research study as it provides the basis for selection of...

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