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Curley’s Wife is treated with contempt and ridicule despite the fact that she is the bosses son’s wife.
1930’s America had very heavily defined role for women- the domestic goddess.
Curley’s Wife does not conform to this notion of womanhood and so the men severely disapprove of her and criticise her harshly. They even descend to name calling.
Curley’s Wife cannot be herself. She is harshly judged. She cannot be satisfied with life as a housewifeCandy is also linked to his dog because they are both past usefulness and in this society you only matter as long as you are productive.

When you become old or weak you are merely and burden and must be gotten rid of.
Compare how love is presented in sonnet 116 and valentine.

In the poem ‘valentine’, Duffy uses a range of different type of language to structure her critique thoughts and feelings about her impressions of love. Valentine is an unusual poem, which ‘explodes’ romantic clichés and replaces them with an onion. The title of the poem itself is quite simplistic and straightforward, in the sense that you automatically know what it is going to be about, but some of the language in the poem, creates a contrast between the first impression and some of the dark ideas that come through during the rest of the poem. The poem, sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare is a typical Shakespearean poem. In this poem Shakespeare vetoes the idea of ‘true’ marriage which is the profound idea of spiritual connection, instead Shakespeare sheds some light, about the idea of love, and how it should be a sublime experience.
In the first stanza, Duffy uses the imagery of the “[…] rose and stain heart”, to convey the message that love is unusual and unique. Moreover, this presages the fact that everybody’s type of love cannot always be the cliché type of love. On the metaphorical extent, “The red rose and satin heart “connotes the idea of that there is always a tainted side to love. Duffy’s use of dogmatic and serious language...

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