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History of Nike

Who they are, when they were formed, what the principles of the company
Number 21 most valuable brand.

Headquarters in Oregon

Financial Position

Financial Position from 1970- 1984 – now
Most profitable stock
 Nike enjoys a 44.7% market share in the athletic footwear market in the
U.S. (Nike’s total share is about 60% when including its Jordan and Converse
 Adidas had 13.2% share of the western European sporting goods market in
2012, while Nike’s share stood at 12.4 percent.


Current competitors are Puma, Adidas and New Balance.

Reebok was their main competitor in the 1980’s due to aerobic clothing
which Nike did not produce. Now Reebok are owned by Adidas.

Puma and Adidas were one company but split in 1948 forming a competitive
rivalry. Puma sponsors names such as Usain Bolt, Maradona, Pele, Arsenal,
and Rihanna as creative ambassador.

In anticipation of the FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil in the summer of
2014, Adidas shipped out increased levels of kits and match balls in
November. Following the release of Nike’s new soccer shoe, the
Hypervenom, Adidas will also launch more soccer shoes with the help of FC
Barcelona star Lionel Messi. As well as their sponsor being Beckham, Kanye
West, and Suarez.

New Balance claims to differentiate their products with technical features,
such as blended gel inserts which is the reason why they’re more expensive.
Their subsidy is warrior sports who sponsor Liverpool.


Micheal Jordan, football shoes and sponsors.

Advertising e.g Olympic members in 1984 wearing their clothing and
An app with apple on personal training and fitness with famous stars and
trainers such as serena Williams.
Purchased converse in 2009, which was one of their competitors in the 1984
Which shops sell their stock e.g footlocker?


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