1.2 Explain the importance of working within the limits of proficiency.

It is important to work within my limits of proficiency because I am not fully qualified in counselling, nor do I have enough experience to be of any help to the clients. I would feel personally that I am not ready to be put in such an important position and that the client would not benefit from my lack of knowledge and experience and would feel let down or that they are not getting the support they need and entitled to.
Being insured is an important factor also, as practicing without this would mean I would not be working under the BCAP, this would be fraudulent. Equally important also would be that I would be putting clients at serious risk and could possibly harm their self esteem and self worth and could defer the client from using counselling services in the future if they needed it.
A counsellor needs to consider all the relevant circumstances with as much care as is reasonably possible and the ethical framework is made up of rules and regulations which counsellors need to achieve in order to attain a high standard of professionalism, I am still learning this process and would not be able to fill the ethical framework yet .
1.3 Describe the ethical, legal, and procedural framework in which an agency operates.

2 st Gabriels Ave, opening times Monday – Saturday 10am – 9pm
Newcastle telephone number – 0191 209 2887
NE6 5QN Evening and weekend appointments available

The ASCA is a private practice service for adult survivors of childhood abuse that has evolved from a charity based on the same issues.
Run by fully trained, insured professional counsellors with a wealth of experience and in addition their team is made up of male and female practioners who promote an anti discriminatory practice by providing services to people with individual differences such as...

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