Time heals all wounds, so they say.

At the age of seven I found myself trying to understand why my parents were going through a divorce. I could not wrap my head around all of it; it was all too much to take in. I kept thinking that a family is meant to stick together, not to fall apart. Through time, I learnt how to accept living in two separate homes and I eventually got used to seeing my dad on Wednesdays and every second weekend but getting used to it still does not make it pleasant. Life is not filled with all good aspect but rather bad too. You will go through terrible experiences as well as life changing ones,

My parent’s divorce was not an easy situation to go through. They were constantly fighting and had arguments until it was too much to handle. My siblings and I were affected in our own ways. I was affected by their divorce as I was young and didn’t have an understanding of what was going on. I didn’t understand why my dad was leaving us and why he moved into his own house. I was emotional and heartbroken. I saw one psychologist after another, and sometimes still do. It made no sense to have seen him only once a week, instead of every day when he got home from work.

They built a beautiful home for all of us and unfortunately we had to sell it because they in due course split up. Although things did get better, my two older siblings left to live with my dad and my other brother and I stayed with my mother. It was difficult to be apart from them but I understood that it wasn’t fair for my dad to be lonely either. I was stuck in the middle between both my parents and did not know what to do with myself. I experienced conflict and unhappiness that is not nice for a child to go through but it only made me stronger. I never knew what to believe, if it was there fault or mine. I kept my hopes up that one-day in the future they would fall in love again and we would be a happy family all over again. But then the reality hit me that not everything...

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