Name: Shiyu Ruan
Level: B2
Lesson number: TP4
Date: 17/08-2016
Length of lesson: 60 minutes
Tutor: Beth Davies
Personal TP Aim(s) (These may refer to self-evaluation, peer evaluation or tutor feedback from previous lessons.)
To practice teaching techniques related to writing lessons
To practice giving writing tasks to Ss and provide guide
Main Lesson Aim(s) (These should reflect the main purpose of your lesson. These should be clear and achievable within the time allocated to the lesson and may be worded in terms of what students will have achieved by the end of the lesson or what you want to achieve in the lesson.)
By the end of the lesson students will have:
Been presented skills about writing
Been provided useful expressions about writing a movie review
Known the structure and the features of a movie review

Subsidiary Aim(s) (These should reflect the secondary focus of your lesson, e.g. it could be the language or skill students will use to achieve your main aim.)

To learn new vocabulary related to movie

Target Model(s) (Examples of any language or vocabulary to be presented or practised)

‐Vocabulary, expressions, structure of movie review
(Cast, courageous, worth, suspicious, sympathetic)...

Materials and Resources (You should include all photocopies, handouts, equipment, etc. which will be used. ALL your material MUST be referenced to credit the author and publisher. If using materials from books, the page/exercise numbers MUST be included.)
Adapted from New language leader Upper- Intermediate, Pearson.Cotton, D. Falvey,D. And Kent, S. (2014) Exercise 9,11
MsCarrieLi---Language of FilmReview http://engres.ied.edu.hk/nss/tasks/MsCarrieLi/Language_of_FilmReview.pdf

Assumptions (Think about what the learners know / can do / are interested in.)
Student will be interested in this topic.
S are willing to practice writing in class.
S will feel it difficult to write in limited time.


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