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I am a Grade 8 student.

It all started when i was born. Born in a filthy old run-down hospital, with no real doctors. I don't even know why it was legal. Anyways... while I was inside of my mom, the doctors said I would probably be deaf, or have a 'major bad' birth defect or be blind my whole life. Not being certified doctors, my parents didn't believe themmmm. They went to see the doctor about where the defect would be on me. He said, There is no defect in or on you, its probably just a lie.' Well, I disagreed with him because I found out when I started school what the defect was. It was non-existence, unpopularity, and unattractiveness.

Just in case you were wondering, my name is Katy. I am now 14 years old (in grade 9) and officially have no friends what soever. I grew up as...what you can say a loser. I had and will never have any friends, and I was bullied. It was so bad, it even happened in preschool. Im as stupid as a branch on a tree, and well my life is the worst anyone could ever want. Actually, no one would ever want my life. My parents divorced because of a huge argument they got into when I was about 6 years old. Its been hard for me ever since my dad moved out. I live with my mom, and my dad lives just around the corner. I still dont understand why they dont just get back together for the sake of me. I use to wonder if it was my fault for the divorce. Was it a problem that I was born or something? 'No. Its not your fault! That's what my mom used to always say to me. She said it was just not working for her. She means her marriage, but I think it means having me born.

Monday, May 13/03

One morning as I was waking at 12:00 noon, I didn't smell any breakfastbeing made. (Usually my mom would make pancakes that would fill up the whole house with yummy fragrances) Right then I noticed something was wrong. I went to see my mom in her bedroom, but she was GONE!!!!!!!! How could this happen? Who couldve done this?' I said thinking to...

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