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1 Auxiliary verbs: short answers
PEG 108
(a) Affirmative

(b) Negative

A: Were you here yesterday?
B: Yes, I was.

A: Were you here yesterday?
B: No, I wasn't.

A: Did Ann meet Jack?
B: Yes, she did.

A: Did Ann meet Jack?
B: No, she didn't.

For convenience, treat you as singular, e.g.
A: Are you ready?
B: Yes, I am.
But you and Tom or you both must of course be answered with we, e.g.
A: Are you and Tom ready?
B: Yes, we are.
1. Are you both going away next weekend?
2. Did you go away last weekend?
3. Can Tom drive a car?
4. Has he got a licence?
5. Will Ann be here tomorrow?
6. Could you wait half an hour?
7. Were they late?
8. Did Bill get a lift?
9. Would he like to work abroad?
10.Must you go? (For negative answer use needn't.)
11.Is he getting on well?
12.Were they waiting for the bus?
13.Had they missed their usual bus?
14.Is he over twenty-one?
15.Does he usually go by air?
16.Have you ever fallen off a horse?
17.Was he injured in the accident?
18.Did he blame the other driver?
19.Will she be back by four?
20.Need you tell him? (For affirmative answer use must.)
Answer the following questions in a written form

Can you swim?
Would £10 be enough?
Can you cook?
Is your name Pitt?
Do you play cards?

6. Have you any money?
7. Are you free this evening?
8. Would you like to see him?
9. May I borrow your car?
10. Are you Tom's brother?

2 Auxiliary verbs: short answers
PEG 108
Assume that questions are addressed to you and Tom.
(a) Affirmative and Negative

(b) Negative and Affirmative

A: Can you both swim?
B: I can but Tom can't.

A: Can you both swim?
B: I can't but Tom can..

A: Were you both there?
B: I was but Tom wasn't.

A: Were you both there?
B:I wasn't but Tom was.

1. Have you both got tickets?
2. Did you both see the play?
3. Do you both like Swedish films?
4. Are you both over twenty-one?
5. Have you both got driving...