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Have you ever regretted something as soon as you did it? I mean just in the bottom of your stomach just knew you’d made the biggest mistake of your life? I have, and it was the biggest mistake of my life. “What have I done”, I thought to myself, well I’d be better to start at the beginning when I was a stupid, know it all kid, who thought he could beat the world and nothing would happen, but how wrong I was, because the world fights back.

It was about seven years ago, I was just a 26 year old kid, same old story you’ve heard a million times, good kid gets mixed up with the wrong crowd goes down the wrong path and gets caught doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. I was all about making money and started using opiate based drugs, and had a terrible habit I had to find a way to support. I found a good hook-up and started selling pills and it took off faster than the horses in the Kentucky Derby. Soon I was serving about 100 to 300 people a day with pills. I was one of the biggest drug dealers in Louisville, Kentucky. I never knew how many people I was hurting and really didn’t care. The money and the pills were coming in by the boat load, and I had girls and a buzz all day long. Then it all came tumbling down, I got busted by the police at a Circle K gas station after picking up 675 pills, chick, chick, click, click, that was the sound of me going to jail.

I’d stayed overnight in jail once when I was 22 years old, and until now that was the worst night of my life. After arriving, the next day I saw the judge. Coming into the district court room I looked into the second row and saw my mom, dad, brother, aunt and uncle sitting there. I was in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs looking real rough, and after talking to the judge, I was also looking at seven years in prison. They took me back to general population and for a couple of weeks I detoxed off of heroine, nicotine, and Mt. Dew (not to get off subject but Mt. Dew was the worst). Thirty-one days I spent in...

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