Mitigation Strategies and Solution

Mitigation Strategies and Solution

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Mitigation 1

Mitigation Strategies and Solution
Mitigation 2
If I was given some funds to assist with an environmental issue, As an environmental researcher I believe there is quite a few environmental issues that needs funding assistance, but the one environmental issues I predict to becoming out of control, and possibly ran out in the near future is Energy Resources which includes: consumption, conservation, and efficiency. Humans are using way too much energy needed in a day to day basis. Every day people are wasting resources like water and energy. For instance, if they get to cold because the building air conditioner is too low instead of lowering the thermostat they would turn on the space heater. There are other countries today that do not have the available resources as clean tap water to drink or any electricity, but we in the United States have been taking the resources we have for granted, mot people attitudes are because “they are paying for it so why not use it however we like to”, they have no awareness to where the energy is coming from. Having been exposed to both sides the unlimited energy and the limited energy make me appreciates our environment abilities to be more productive if we consume less, conserve energy, and use energy efficient products. Though the level of awareness on energy conservation has increased over the years, people continues to waste our resources because they independently paying, educating the population about energy conservation would help researchers develop more cost effective renewable resources versus nonrenewable. There are pros and cons for using renewable energy resources versus nonrenewable ones, renewable energy sources are more expensive, and nonrenewable destroys the environment because it does not replenish.

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Plan develop

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