Michael Jordan

Thesis Statement: To inform my audience about the career of Michael Jordan.


I. Michael Jordan is best known for his great leaping ability and explosive dunks.
II. Michael Jordan has dominated professional basketball for almost his entire career. In many peoples eyes his regarded as the greatest player to ever play professional basketball.
III. All throughout my life I’ve always enjoyed playing basketball and often mimicked him on the court. Michael Jordan has always been a role model and mentor to young Americans on and off the court.
IV. Today I am going to talk with you about Michael Jordan before he was a famous professional basketball player, his first retirement from professional basketball, and his return back out of retirement to professional basketball.


I. Michael Jordan wasn’t always the famous basketball player that some of us might know of him as.
A. Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn New York on February 17, 1963
1. When he was toddler, his family moved to Wilmington, North
Carolina where he attended junior high, and High School. During his
last two seasons Michael Jordan averaged about 25 points per game.
2. In 1981 Michael Jordan earned a scholarship to the University of North
Carolina. Michael Jordan spent 3 years at UNC averaging 17.7 points
per game before he chose to enter the National Basketball Association
Draft (NBA Draft).
B. Michael Jordan was chosen third overall in the NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls.
C. Since joining the NBA, Jordan almost immediately became the leagues most entertaining and electrifying superstar play the sport of basketball. From winning the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, three NBA Championships, five MVP awards,Michael Jordan was without a doubt the best player in the NBA.

II. On October 6, 1993 Michael Jordan announced that...