MKT 312 Final Exam Answers

MKT 312 Final Exam Answers

MKT 312 Final Exam Answers
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In terms of trade promotions, offering additional free merchandise for placing an order is known as:

( 2 )
A consumer who makes the purchase decision based on price is called:

( 3)
A coupon placed inside a package to be used for a later purchase is called a(n):

When a cash register triggers a coupon for a product, it is called a:

Cash returns on soft goods, such as food or clothing, are called:

When a manufacturer offers to pay part of the costs of a retail advertising campaign, it is known as:

Of the internal stakeholders, the group that is the most critical to the success of a firm would be

Green marketing is:

The first major decision company leaders must make concerning public relations is:

A person or group with a vested interest in a firm’s well-being is a(n):

Some individuals would like to create which type of department to oversee both the public relations activities and the marketing programs?

A program that ties marketing to a charity in order to generate good will is called:


Direct ambush marketing occurs when:


The agency that monitors advertising on food packages and advertisements for...

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