MKT 315 WK 10 QUIZ 8 CHAPTER 15 & 16

MKT 315 WK 10 QUIZ 8 CHAPTER 15 & 16

MKT 315 WK 10 QUIZ 8 CHAPTER 15 & 16
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MKT 315 WK 10 QUIZ 8 CHAPTER 15 & 16
MKT 315 WK 10 Quiz 8 Chapter 15,16

1. According to the text, the Internet has had ________ impact on the design and management of marketing channels.
a. little
b. a major
c. no
d. an overwhelming
e. some
2. Some observers predict that the Internet will so radically transform marketing channel structure and strategy that the __________ of the future will be profoundly different from what we see today.
a. bandwidth
b. interstate highway system
c. distribution landscape
d. cyberspace salespeople
e. franchise system
3. Which of the following terms cannot be considered as synonymous with “electronic marketing channels” as stated in the text?
a. Computer marketing
b. Facebook commerce
c. Social commerce
d. Electronic commerce
e. Internet commerce
4. Which of the following must be present to define electronic commerce as portrayed in the textbook?
a. Purchases can be made via interactive electronic means
b. The consumer must use a personal computer
c. The consumer must also make use of the telephone
d. Orders can only be placed by using e-mail
e. Payments must be made using smart cards
5. If sellers list their products on the Internet and if customers who locate these products at the firm’s Web site still have to use the telephone to order them:
a. This is still considered to be an electronic marketing channel.
b. It removes two steps from the electronic marketing channel.
c. Then all the conditions for the definition of electronic marketing have not been met.
d. Customers are considered electronically illiterate.
e. Customers are being efficient in their ordering.
6. The reduction in the number of middlemen in marketing channels resulting from the use of Internet-based marketing channels is...

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