MKT 435 UOP Tutorial/UOPHELP

MKT 435 UOP Tutorial/UOPHELP

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MKT 435 Week 1 Individual Assignment Consumer Behavior Paper

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Individual Assignment: Consumer Behavior Paper – Post in your Assignments Tab.

Resources: Internet, University Library
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you relate consumer behavior to marketing. In your paper address the following:

Define consumer behavior, and how it relates with the subject of marketing.
Select a purchase you have made recently and describe in detail how each of the 4Ps, product, price, promotion, and place, affected your purchasing decision.
Cite the assigned reading and at least one outside reference in your paper.

Format according to APA standards.


MKT 435 Week 2 Individual Assignment Analyzing Buyer Behavior Simulation

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Individual Assignment: Analyzing Buyer Behavior Simulation Summary

Resources: Internet, University Library, and the simulation, Analyzing Buyer Behavior, can be found on your student Web site at

Prepare a 5 minute roundtable discussion introductionin which you address the following: For each of the major phases in the simulation, briefly describe your decisions and results. Then as a group we will discuss how the following consumer behavior concepts were applied in the simulation by answering the following questions:
What additional external factors or macro factors should be considered in your analysis of the simulation?
What additional social and cultural factors would you consider in this scenario?
How do you account for variations in different geographic regions—what do you really look for? Why is there a difference?
Considering the importance of keeping existing customers, what methods might be used to...

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