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MKT 441 Homework Peer Educator/mkt441homeworkdotcom

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MKT 441 Week 4 Individual Discussion Question

Resources: University Library, Internet

Discussion Question

Assume you are a field marketing professional, responsible for marketing your company's products in the South Florida region of a medium-size corporation. You receive a CD from your corporate marketing group, based in Detroit, Michigan, which includes a set of electronic files containing print advertisements ready for you to use in magazines you choose in South Florida. You have a budget to use for advertising in your region. You are empowered to select the magazines in which you plan to advertise and send the magazines the graphic files your corporate marketing group sent to you. You find that your corporate marketing group chose the format for the ads, including the selection of people, clothing, and surrounding decor, based on market research in the Detroit region.

Discuss whether you are confident these ads might be successful in your South Florida region, and why.

Writea 500- 700-word paper in which answer the discussion question.

MKT 441 Week 5 Individual Assignment Market Research Implementation Plan Final Paper

Resources: Problem Identification and Project Outline, Internet, University Library

Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word Market Research Implementation Plan based on the scenario you selected in Workshop 2. Address the following in your plan:

• Conduct market research concerning the selected scenario using secondary market research resources.

• Locate an online resource. Identify the secondary research data from this resource that applies to your selected scenario and incorporate it into your Marketing Research Implementation Plan.

• Select two of the four market research tools you analyzed in your Research Tools Paper...

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